Poslfit, Inc. is a Toronto-based consultancy with expertise in custom software development, SCRABBLE event production (at right, see also media links), discrete mathematics, and a wide range of publishing and editorial services.

I am required by PayPal, which bans the use of its services for the transmission of Scrabble-related payments, to ask that players not use the above button for sending me tournament entry fees. If you want to send me a tip in appreciation of any of the free software that I have published, PayPal is okay with that; but please make sure to say so in the payment note, or else I will have my funds frozen again.

Featured Event:

MSC logo2019 Malta Scrabble Open

Archived Events:

Shediac Giant Lobster2018 Shediac SCRABBLE Tournament

TCA logo2018 BRAND’s International Thailand Crossword Games King’s Cup

2018 North American SCRABBLE Championship

MSC logo2018 Malta Scrabble Open

SSA logo2018 Cape Town International

2017 WESPAC (Nairobi)

2017 Michael Wise Memorial (Toronto)

Shediac Giant Lobster2017 Shediac SCRABBLE Tournament

12th TRUE AMath Thailand International Championship

2017 North American SCRABBLE Championship

TCA logo2017 BRAND’s International Thailand Crossword Games King’s Cup

MSC logo2017 Malta Scrabble Open

2017 Niagara Falls Youth Challenge

2017 Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship City Finals

2017 Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship Eastern Qualifier

2017 Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship Western Qualifier

AMath 2016 logoTRUE AMath King’s Trophy 2016

Shediac Giant Lobster2016 Shediac SCRABBLE Tournament

2016 North American School SCRABBLE Championship

MSC logo2016 Malta Scrabble Open

SSA logo2016 Cape Town International

2014 SCRABBLE Champions Tournament

MSC logo2014 European Open Scrabble Championship


UK NSC logo2012 U.K.
National Scrabble

2011 Toronto SCRABBLE® Open and Human vs. Computer Showdown

2011 Toronto Fall Word Fest

[FIGS logo]Campionato Italiano
di Scrabble 2008

... and many more

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