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2005 Fourth of July Nor’easter Scrabble® Tournament

In memory of Steve Pfeiffer

Join us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany on July 1-4, 2005 for our tenth annual Fourth of July Nor’Easter Scrabble® Tournament! Come early for the separately rated five-game Early Bird. Everyone’s invited to Annette’ riverside home for a complimentary barbecue after Saturday’s games.

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About the Tournament

Our tournament is codirected this year by John Chew, John Robertson and Annette Tedesco, and held in memory of Steve Pfeiffer. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Albany (corner of State and Lodge Streets in downtown Albany, 518-462-6611) and consists of a five-game Early Bird followed by the 20-game main tournament.

The Early Bird tournament (directed by John Chew) will be a fully-rated 5-game round-robin. Its entry fee is $20, payable only at the door.

The main event will be a (fully-rated) 20-game event, using John Chew's usual modified Swiss pairings. (That is, the first three rounds will be round-robin groups of four with players randomly picked from quartiles, the next 16 rounds will be Swiss-paired using tsh based on the penultimate round's standings, and the last round will be paired KOTH. Repeats depend on number of players in each division). The Gibson rule will be in effect. Division 1 is for players rated 1700 and up, Division 2 for players rated 1300-1699, and Division 3 for players rated under 1300. Players rated within 100 points of the next division may play up if they request it in advance, and if their doing so does not make the numbers in Divisions 1 or 2 odd.

On Saturday night, everyone is invited to a complimentary barbecue at Annette Tedesco's riverside house in Stillwater.

Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 1st, 2005 11:15 A.M. – 11:45 P.M.Early Bird Registration
11:45 A.M. – 06:00 P.M.Early Bird (five rounds)
07:00 P.M. – 08:15 P.M.Main Event Registration
08:30 P.M. – 11:30 P.M.Main Event (rounds 1-3)
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005 09:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.Main Event (rounds 4-6)
12:30 P.M. – 01:45 P.M.lunch
01:45 P.M. – 05:00 P.M.Main Event (rounds 7-9)
05:00 P.M. – Barbecue and games at Annette's house
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005 10:00 A.M. – 01:00 P.M.Main Event (rounds 10-12)
01:00 P.M. – 02:15 P.M.lunch
02:15 P.M. – 06:30 P.M.Main Event (rounds 13-16)
Monday, July 4th, 2005 09:30 A.M. – 01:30 P.M.Main Event (rounds 17-20)
01:30 P.M. – 02:00 P.M.Awards ceremony

Hotel and Tournament Fees

Early Bird Entry Fee:
$20, payable only at the door.
Main Event Entry Fee:
$70 for Division 1, $60 for Division 2, $50 for Division 3.
Hotel (Commuter) Fee:
$15 if you are not staying at the Crowne Plaza, payable with your entry fee. This is to defray our playing room rental expenses in case we do not meet our guest room quota.

All rated players must be current members of the National SCRABBLE® Association.

Please book your hotel accommodations directly through the Crowne Plaza; we are not handling the hotel packages. Call 800-227-6963 and mention the group name "Albany Scrabble Group" to obtain the event rate of $79 per night (not including tax, maximum 3 occupants per room). Players wishing to find roommates may call Annette Tedesco at 518-664-1619.

How to Register

Please mail Annette Tedesco your check or money order (payable to Annette) for all applicable fees (main event entry fee, membership renewal, commuter fee, but not Early Bird entry fee) together with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, membership number, preferred division, (non)smoking room preference, which events (Early Bird and/or Main) you wish to play in, and whether or not you will attend the Saturday barbecue. Annette's postal address is 41 Ferry Lane, Stillwater, NY 12170. No hotel reservations will be made by Annette. Registration deadline is June 17th. For more information, call Annette at (518) 664-1619 or e-mail her at

If you pay and register before the June 2005 ratings list is published, you may choose your division based on whatever ratings list is current at the time of your registration. If your rating subsequently changes, you may choose to change divisions (and either pay or be refunded the difference in entry fees) or stay in the same division. If you don't tell us that you want to change divisions, we will assume that you don't want to do so. We reserve the right to deny one play-up request per division in order to keep numbers even.

Registered Players

As of June 30th, the following players have registered for the main event. Asterisked players have asked to play up, and will do so provided the numbers in Divisions 1 and 2 stay even. Ratings shown are June 1st ratings, which will be used for division assignments and seedings#.

Division 1 (16 players)

1893 Rau, Stefan
1836 Koenig, David
1835 Tier, Steve
1825 Sherman, Larry
1813 Avrin, Paul
1782 Scalzo, John
1762 Greenspan, Randy
1747 Romano, Frank
1741 Morse, John
1737 Kreiswirth, Rose
1734 Cornelis, Lou
1717 Liebfried, Ed
1691 Lodinsky, John*
1659 Gotlieb, Bernard*
1653 Goodman, David*
1605 Engelhardt, David*

Division 2 (37 players)

1619 Livermore, Noel
1592 Kelly, Joan
1583 Steward, Judy
1558 Merlis, Charles
1534 Wolfe, Charmaine
1524 Espallardo, Linda
1517 Nelson, Ember
1509 Higby, Karl
1502 Kang, Terry
1499 Williams, Miriam
1493 Manzolillo, Peter
1486 Keras, Lydia
1469 Rackham, Anita
1424 McCarthy, Kevin
1419 Kitchen, Scott
1414 Pizer, William
1413 Becker, Bob
1402 Clark, Jane
1401 Stumpf, Thomas
1396 Bailey, Annette
1391 Burton, Lorraine
1389 Colosa, Kevin
1379 Goodman, Mark
1375 Johnson, David
1307 Stalnaker, Austin
1290 Melvin, Cheryl*
1270 Pitzer, Wilma*
1268 Flisock, Olinga*
1260 Filzer, Glenn*
1259 Borenstein, Roberta*
1256 Bihlmeyer, Joe*
1254 Williams, Stan*
1237 Gooley, Mark*
1235 Silversmith, Rob*
1244 Feld, Myron*
1227 Wilkinson, Tim*
1221 Kidd, Danny*

Division 3 (28 players)

1224 Mistrette, Paul
1195 Kopitz, Kurt
1169 Orleans, Samantha
1135 Pomeroy, Marilyn
1116 Nabi, Ruth
1106 Prince, Jackie
1088 Downey, Sharon
1074 Halpert, Nancy
1064 Zeleniuk, Irene
1063 Schreve, Jim
1059 Finkelstein, Sandra
1031 Bowman, Joseph
1021 Guest, Cornelia
1019 Mikesell, Marci
 995 Kublin, Jeff
 964 Gauthier, Kevin
 904 Case, Maureen
 895 Majka, Lorraine
 875 Sullivan, Brendan
 873 Kircher, Vera
 873 McGivney, Thea (will play only to make numbers even)
 854 Tellone, Bert
 854 Fletcher, Marion
 813 Lipe, Chris
 811 Patrick, Pat
 798 Lewarenko, Emma
 712 Cohen, Joanna
   0 Koch, Rachel

The following 36 players have registered for the Early Bird (additional registrants are welcome up to 11:30 A.M. on July 1st):

1741 Morse, John (will play only to make numbers even)
1717 Liebfried, Ed
1623 Drumm, Heather
1571 Drumm, Don
1517 Nelson, Ember
1509 Higby, Karl
1499 Williams, Miriam
1486 Keras, Lydia
1469 Rackham, Anita
1419 Kitchen, Scott
1413 Becker, Bob
1401 Stumpf, Thomas
1379 Goodman, Mark
1295 Leonbruno, Mary
1290 Melvin, Cheryl
1268 Larsen, Mona
1256 Bihlmeyer, Joe
1254 Williams, Stan
1244 Feld, Myron
1224 Mistrette, Paul
1221 Kidd, Danny
1195 Kopitz, Kurt
1169 Orleans, Samantha
1021 Guest, Cornelia
1012 Grey, Ernie
 969 Wroblewski, Nancy
 964 Gauthier, Kevin
 940 McGrew, Bridget
 895 Majka, Lorraine
 854 Tellone, Bert
 830 Rambo, Julia
 813 Lipe, Chris
 764 Lyons, Bill
 720 Marsh, Jane
 712 Cohen, Joanna
   0 Purcell, Michael

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