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The best way to reach us is to call John Chew at +1 416 876 7675 generally between 10:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Eastern time, or between 08:00 A.M. and 12 midnight local time during major Scrabble tournaments.

Recent Mention

Date Source Description
2014-08-10 Buffalo News John Chew interviewed about the 2014 National SCRABBLE Championship.
2014-08-05 Mental Floss John Chew contributes extensively to a list of 14 Fun SCRABBLE Facts.
2014-08-05 National Post John Chew explains the Canadian perspective on the new words.
2014-08-05 The Simi Sara Show on CKNW 980 John Chew interviewed for 18 minutes about the publication of OSPD5.
2014-08-04 New York Daily News John Chew quoted in a story about the publication of OSPD5.
2014-08-04 CNN Money John Chew quoted in a story about the publication of OSPD5.
2014-04-22 CTV National News John Chew interviewed in a story about GEOCACHE being added to OSPD5.
2014-04-10 Slate John Chew quoted in Stefan Fatsis’s “The Word That Won Scrabble’s New-Word Contest Is Totally Useless In Scrabble”.
2014-03-16 Wall Street Journal John Chew quoted in James R. Hagerty's “This Scrabble-Playing Robot Is a Sore Loser”.
2014-03-14 CTV News Channel News Anchor Merella Fernandez interviewed John Chew for four minutes about the SCRABBLE Word Showdown from ca. 16:51-16:55.
2014-03-14 CBC Radio: Ottawa Morning Morning host Amanda Pfeffer interviewed John Chew and Ross Brown about the SCRABBLE Word Showdown from 07:20-07:30.
2014-03-13 CBC News Ottawa 5:00 P.M. news programme Cory O'Kelly interview with John Chew on the SCRABBLE Word Showdown.
2014-03-13 NPR’s Here and Now 5-minute Robin Young interview with John Chew on the SCRABBLE Word Showdown.

Older Mention

2009-01-19 New Yorker, January 19th, 2009 Quoted in Judith Thurman’s article “Spreading the Word: The new Scrabble mania”
2008-08-21 SCRABBLE News, Issue 221 John Chew contributed an article on the Can-Am SCRABBLE Challenge and four photos to the lead article on the National SCRABBLE Championship.
2008-07-30 CFRA 580, Ottawa ON John Chew interviewed by Rob Snow for 5-10 minutes at 4:30 P.M. concerning the removal of Scrabulous from Facebook.
2008-07-24 York Region News, York ON Print article by Keely Grasser about local club champion Evan Berofsky features several comments from John Chew.
2008-05-21 SCRABBLE News, Issue 219 John Chew contributed an article on the 33rd anniversary celebrations of the Toronto SCRABBLE® Club.
2008-04-06 Toronto Sun John Chew interviewed and photographed as part of Jim Slotek's alt.ent column on Scrabble with the Stars.
2008-04-01 CHQR AM 770, Calgary AB John Chew interviewed from 18:40-19:00 local time by guest host Greg Bohnert on The World Tonight, concerning the CNSC and the 60th anniversary of Scrabble.
2008-01-24 The Limelighters, Global TV (available on DVD) John Chew appears briefly in one episode of this four-part documentary on the residents of Performing Arts Lodge, as he helps direct their annual Scrabble With The Stars fundraiser.
2008-01-18 CFRA 580, Ottawa ON John Chew interviewed by Rob Snow for five minutes concerning Hasbro’s attempts to have Facebook remove the Scrabulous application.
2008-01-17 CBC News Online John Chew quoted at length concerning Hasbro’s attempts to have Facebook remove the Scrabulous application.
2008-01-14 Kingston Whig-Standard “All spell breaks loose when WORDS and MATH collide” — lead article by Jordan Press on the newspaper’s front page, John Chew quoted and photographed in connection with the annual Kingston Cup Scrabble match.
2008-01 BlogTO John Chew mentioned as organiser of the Kingston Cup Scrabble match.
Various John Chew was webmaster (web site manager, programmer, content producer and photographer, in addition to his other duties as assistant director and pairings officer) for the World Scrabble Championship in Mumbai. Many major and minor media linked to the web site and published his photographs.
2007-09-09 Test The Nation John Chew appeared on the Word Gamers team in this episode of the CBC quiz show, and was individually interviewed by host Brent Bambury.
2007-09-09 CityNews John Chew appeared briefly in a minute-long story by Muhammad Lila about the Toronto Scrabble Tournament.
2007-09-08 Toronto Star John Chew, quoted in an article by Surya Bhattacharya, entitled "Scrabble masters gird for word battle in world tournament".
2007-08-01 Schmap Montreal Schmap, a publisher of city guides, used John Chew's photo for their entry on the Japanese restaurant Azuma in Montreal.
2007-08-08 Vancouver Sun The Vancouver Sun (and reportedly Global News) used and credited John Chew’s photo of James Leong at the Players Championship. An offline copy of the article is available upon request.
2007-07-07 BlogTO John Chew quoted at length on raccoons and municipal “green bins” for compost.
2007-07-01 mamma magazine, Vol. 27, pp. 2-3. John Chew was the interview subject of Chiaki Hashimoto’s monthly lifestyle column: “それが私の生活・数学研究者/スクラブルゲーム会長”.
2007-06-09 And Sometimes Y John Chew and members of the Toronto Scrabble Club were interviewed by Russell Smith and Nicola Luksic for the “word game” episode of their weekly CBC Radio show on the English language.
2007-05-01 Word Ways, Volume 40, Number 2, p. 108 John Chew and his Canonical List of Anamonics mentioned in an article on anamonics.
2007-05-01 SCRABBLE News, Issue 211 Cover story biography of John Chew on the occasion of his being awarded the NSA’s Michael Wise Director of the Year award.