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2010 Trillium Tile SCRABBLE® Tournament

The 2010 Trillium Tile SCRABBLE Tournament takes place at the Seniors’ Clubhouse in Earl Bales Park in Toronto on Sunday, October 24, 2010 and renews the rivalry between the Mississauga and Toronto SCRABBLE Clubs.


These two neighbours first met in Toronto in 2005 in a 4-on-4 match that Toronto won 17 games to 15. They competed again in 2006 in a three-division format, with Mississauga winning the A division 20-15, Toronto the B division 14-13 and C division 32-31, giving Mississauga an overall 66-59 win. After a three-year hiatus, we return to Toronto for a rubber match.

This Year’s Competition

This year’s event is co-organized by Mississauga Club Codirectors Jean Barinque and Shan Abbasi, and Toronto Club Director John Chew. It will be contested in three divisions split at NASPA ratings of 1500 and 1200 (as of close of registration). We have commissioned a new Trillium Tile trophy that will go to the club that is the overall winner this year, to keep until the event is next contested. We will also award three custom boards, engraved with the names of the players who win each division.

We will play seven rounds, beginning at 9:00 A.M., with a potluck lunch break after the third round, and would like to finish by 5:00 P.M. Seven-player divisions will play a team round robin, where each player plays every member of the opposing team. Larger divisions will play a six-round partial round robin, followed by a team king-of-the-hill.

Team Rosters

Toronto players labelled with a $ should either pay John their entry fee, or tell him when they will be paying it. Toronto players labelled with an @ have not yet paid but have confirmed that they will do so.

Division A (≥1500, with some last-minute play-ups to balance sides, currently 9 players eachu)

Currently 9 players each.

1920  Leah, Tony              1823  Vijayakumar, Sinna     
1906  Daniel, Robin Pollock@  1819  Cornelis, Lou          
1875  Berofsky, Evan          1776  Nanavati, Jim          
1707  Kaufman, Zev            1700  Hollington, Sam        
1668  Bonin, Chris            1684  Rowland, Craig         
1661  Chew, John              1587  Lobo, Yvonne           
1606  Lancashire, Michael@    1580  Ubeika, Jason          
1600  Paolella, Libero        1500  Ozorio, Steve          
1553  Mosher, Glenn           1473  Saunders, Andy

Division B (1200–1499, with some last-minute play-ups to balance sides)

Currently 7 players each.

1439  Bigall, Vera@           1416  Abbasi, Shan           
1385  Cullman, Roger@         1411  Fernando, Priya        
1369  Rodriguez, Alex         1386  Turner, Kevin          
1364  Miransky, Anna          1364  Sinanan, Lilla         
1333  Palazzo, Mad@           1352  Ubeika, Shelley        
1278  Kessler, Lisa@          1253  Oh, Hans               
1247  Wise, Lynda             1129  Ozorio, Sophia        

Division C (<1200)

Currently 8 players each.

1170  Bathgate, Jillian        1246  Grenville, Geoff
1131  Smylie, Jackson          1122  Petrie, Shauna        
1123  Farini, Sharmaine        1069  Barinque, Jean        
1117  Horowitz, Risa@          1044  Krook, Dave           
1108  Kesner, Jeff              963  Kovacs, Valeria  
1096  Farbstein, Denis          888  McClennan, Michael
1061  Shupak, Eli               828  Raviraj, Vimalan
 792  Janssen, Sharon           677  Fernando, Percy

Josh Greenway has expressed some interest in playing for Toronto, and will be their alternate player if confirmed.

Tournament Details


Trillium Tile SCRABBLE Tournament

Sunday, October 24th

Check In: 8:30 A.M.
First Game: 9:00 A.M.
Entry Fee: $20, plus potluck lunch contribution
Prizes: Club Trophy, Division Board Trophies, balance of entry fees after trophy expenses to go to individual prizes (e.g., high word)
Format: Team competition, three divisions split at 1500 and 1200 based on registration deadline ratings. No playing up, except at director’s discretion to even up numbers. Round robin where possible, otherwise fixed six-round schedule followed by team KOTH. This event is a fully NASPA-rated TCC.
Food: Potluck lunch and refreshments
Location: The Seniors Clubhouse in Earl Bales Park, 4169 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON. The clubhouse building is at the opposite end of the parking lot from the usual Toronto SCRABBLE building. Lost or late? Call John Chew at (416) 876–7675. When asked to search for the park’s access road, Google’s on-line map puts a marker right outside the community centre.

Tournament Schedule

October 24th

09:00–12:00Rounds 1–3
12:00–12:45Potluck lunch
12:45–16:45Rounds 4–7
16:45–17:00Award Ceremony

Clocks will be started promptly to maintain the above schedule.

Potluck Menu

Alex Rodriguez & Sharon Janssen Fruit plate
Andy Saunders coleslaw
Anna Miransky Cheese, olives and bread
Craig Rowland  
Denis Farbstein Fruit platter
Eli Shupak Case of cans of Coke
Evan Berofsky Plates, cups, cutlery
Gene Rawlins  
Geoff Grenville Panko Crusted Tofu Tenders (vegetarian)
Glenn Mosher  
Hans Oh dessert
Jackson Smylie  
Jean Barinque pasta with shrimp, tomato, olive and feta
Jeff Kesner  
Jillian Bathgate  
Jim Nanavati meat chili
John Chew Bagels, cream cheese, lox
Kevin Turner  
Libero Paolella Veggies and dip
Lisa Kessler Yogurt
Lilla Sinanan & Lou Cornelis  
Lynda Wise Spinach salad
Mad Palazzo meatballs
Michael Lancashire  
Michael McClennan  
Percy & Priya Fernando Vegetable fried rice
Risa Horowitz Pesto pasta salad, possibly with chicken
Robin Pollock Daniel  
Roger Cullman  
Sam Hollington  
Shan Abbasi veggie lasagna
Sharmaine Farini Potato salad
Shauna Petrie & Dave Krook  
Shelley & Jason Ubeika  
Sinna Vijayakumar Sri Lankan chicken dish
Sophia & Steve Ozorio pilau or chana masala
Tony Leah Sliced meat and bread for sandwiches
Valeria Kovacs pumpkin and cranberry
Vera Bigall & Michael Lancashire Rice Krispie squares & bean salad
Vimalan Raviraj  
Yvonne Lobo  
Zev Kaufman  


Players should pay their respective club directors in cash, no later than Thursday, October 21st, 2010, and let their director(s) know what they plan on bringing for the potluck.