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NASPA Club #3 Local Club Tournament (June 2014)

NASPA Club #3 will hold its annual end-of-season club tournament (directed by John Chew) on June 4th, 11th and 18th, 2014. This is what NASPA calls a Local Club Tournament: tournament rules are in effect, you must be an active NASPA member to play, and ratings changes are one-third of open-tournament changes. We will play nine rounds (three on each night) in three divisions, assigned according to club championship qualification (if applicable) or club rating at time of registration (if not).

You do not have to be a club member to play, but you must commit to attending all three nights. You do not have to be in contention for the club championships to play, but if you are you must play in the appropriate division.

To register, please pay $15 to John or Lisa by May 28. Registrations after that date will only be acceptable if they result in even-numbered divisions. Then be sure to arrive promptly each night, as clocks will be started at 6:45 P.M.

The tournament will have three divisions (A, B and C). If you are contending one of the club’s divisional championships (which are based on end-of-year championship ratings), you must play in that division. If you are not, you may still play, and you choose your division based on your club rating at the time of your registration, playing up or down if you are within 50 points of the division breaks 900 and 1350.

Asterisked players are in the running for (and in serious contention for) the divisional championships, doubly asterisked players have clinched their divisions; other players who choose to play do so solely for the glory of winning this nine-game tournament and for the fabulous cash prizes.

The following players have registered for the tournament (dollar-signs indicate players who haven’t yet paid, exclamation marks those who may need to renew their NASPA membership):

A Division (14 players)

Alex Rodriguez
Anna Miransky
Crayne Spanier$
Eric Peters$
Fern Lindzon
Glenn Mosher
Heather McCall$
Jackson Smylie$
John Chew
Lisa Kessler
Mark Edelson
Roger Cullman$
Tony Leah$
Zev Kaufman

B Division (10 players)

Andre Popadynec$
Eli Shupak
Dave Krook$
Denis Farbstein
Diane Brown
Josh Greenway
Lynda Wise
Marcela Kadanka$
Mireille Huneault$
Sharon Janssen$

C Division (14 players)

Ani Migirdicyan
Avy Kattsir
Barry Muskovitch
Daniel Khoshnood
Irene Gedney
Jeff Gaunt
Joshua Kattsir
Matthew Ouyang
Mickie Katgara
Pauline Grierson
Peter Hopkins
Sharon Dalgleish$
Sidonie Bell$
Yuval Olsha